SG Gryphon ST Darlin' 7*M (4yrs 4m VEEE 90) **DNA**


Date of birth: 2/12/13

Height: 22" (4 years, 4 months)
Blue Eyes

​Alpha s1 Casein A/A

          SS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B 
Sire: Castle Rock Sign O The Times *B (+++83 @ 2yrs)
         SD: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (VEEV 90 @ 4yrs)

         DS: SG Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey ++*B (VVE 88 @ 1yr 5m)
Dam: SG Alethia MH Dew A Lil Dance 6*M  (VVEV 88 @ 4yrs 4m)                            DD: SGCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 5*M  (EEEE 91 @ 4yrs 1m)​


Darlin' came to us in milk in the spring of 2015, and we were thrilled to add her to the herd. Darlin' hails from Algedi royalty on 3/4 of her pedigree, she is even a granddaughter of the infamous SGCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 5*M EEEE 91. Her pedigree predicts not only excellence in conformation, but milk as well.

Darlin's dam SG Alethia MH Dew a Little Dance earned her 6*M milking over 900 pounds of milk as a yearling first freshener! At the end of her lactation she even blew the roof off the charts with butterfat marked at 9.9%

Darlin' is a long bodied doe with excellent body capacity standing on strong legs. Her udder is well attached and capacious with good fore-udder extension. She has received excellent marks in rear udder height and arch and scored an "E" in Body, Dairy Strength and Mammary on her 2017 LA. 

Darlin milked almost 1,500 pounds during her 2016 lactation, as well as earning her Superior Genetics designation during the same year and securing the #2 ADGA Top Ten Breed Leader for Milk production.  In 2017 her LA score truly reflected what a beautiful doe she is, she earned a VEEE 90 at 4 years and 4 months old!  Darlin is well on pace to milk over 1,400 pounds during her 2017 lactation and her two-year-old first freshening daughter will milk just shy of 1,300 pounds.  These are incredibly milky genetics!


ANDDA 2016 & 2017
​Gold Juju Award


ADGA 2016 & 2017
Top Ten Breed Leader


ADGA Elite Doe
2017, 2018  & 2019 


  • November 2017 - Darlin' was awarded the ADGA Elite Doe designation

  • Darlin' milked 1,491 pounds of milk during her 2016 lactation.  That's an average of 4.6 pounds a day for 323 days!

  • Darlin' kidded with sextuplets in 2017, five does and one buck.  Two does have been retained.

  • Darlin' earned VEEE 90 as a four year old, forth freshener at the 2017 LA, with an E in Mammory!

  • August 2017 she was awarded ADGA's Top Ten Breed Leader award!  Placing second for milk volume and fifth for protein.  

  • Darlin's 2014 First Freshening Daughter has milked 1,160 pounds in 263 days.  She will be kept in milk all 305 days!

  • ​At 61 days fresh Darlin milked 7.1 pounds during her second milk test of the season.

kidding history

Age         Kidded        Sire                                                                 Does          Bucks    Comments

6y 1m        2019           Wood Bridge Farm Valedictorian            4                 3              Septuplets 12 days early.  Only 2 does survived.

5y 1m        2018           Wood Bridge Farm Valedictorian             2                3              Quints - all healthy and thriving!  All Sold.

4y 2m        2017           Castle Rock Red Hot Saracha                   5                 1              Smooth kidding with 5 healthy kids, last kid

                                                                                                                                                      was stillborn.​

3yrs           2016           Algedi Farm Higgs Boson                           0                 3              Smooth kidding with 3 healthy bucks​

2ys 1m      2015           Algedi Farm DJ Piper                                    1                 0

1y 3m        2014           Trilogy Ranch JD White Cloud                   2                 1

DHIR Record

Year         Age          LAC         DIM         #'s of Milk         Fat #'s       Fat %         Prot #'s    Prot %      Lactation Status

2018        5y 3m         5             125               782                40               5.12               31            3.96           Complete

2017        4y 1m          4            305              1418               74                5.22              59            4.16           Complete

2016        3y 1m          3            323              1491                81               5.42              63            4.19           Complete

At 305 days she ended her 2017 lactation with a 4.6 per day average!  She start her first test in 2018 with 6.9 pounds and then topped that at 61 days fresh with a 7.1 pound milk out.  In her 125 days in milk for 2018 lactation Darlin averaged 6.3 pounds a day!  She just keeps getting more productive each year!  

linear appraisal

Year          Age      Udder Texture      General Appearance     Dairy Strength      Body Capacity    Mammary System     Final Score

2017      4y 4m               V                                    V                                     E                              E                                       E                         90

2016      3y 3m               V                                    V                                     +                               E                                       V                        88​

2015      2y 3m               E                                     +                                      +                               V                                      V                        86

2014      1y 4m FF         V                                     +                                      V                              V                                      V                        85


         SS: CRF Castle Rock Harvest Moon ++*B
Sire: Castle Rock Sign O The Times *B (+++ 83 @ 2yrs 1m)
         SD: SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M (VEEV 90 @ 4yrs 2m)

Castle Rock Sign O The Times *B

SGCH Algedi Farm H Purple Rain 4*M
Purple Rain 2011 Linear Appraisal - VEEV 90


      DS: SG Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey ++*B (VVE 88 @ 1yr 5m)
Dam: SG Alethia MH Dew A Lil Dance 6*M  (VVEV 88 @ 4yrs 4m)              DD: SGCH Algedi Farm DJ Honey Dew 5*M  (EEEE 91 @ 4yrs 1m)